ANNIE LAPIN (b. 1978)

ANNIE LAPIN Currently living and working in Los Angeles, Annie Lapin received her graduate degree in
2007 from the University of California, Los Angeles in the Graduate School of Fine Arts.
She has participated in many solo and group exhibitions including group shows at Angles
Gallery in Santa Monica, Roberts and Tilton in Los Angeles and the Inman Gallery in
Houston Texas. She has been selected to be a part of three residency programs
throughout the United States and Ireland and has been noted in LA Weekly, The Los
Angeles Times, Art Ltd., The Kansas City Star and The Huffington Post, lauding her
intriguing and incredibly complicated works.

Her paintings beautifully distort a presupposed, picturesque image of reality while willfully
drawing the viewer into a twisted fantasy world of creative imagination. Lapin’s paintings
are solely derived from her head, as she relies on her own creative energy to direct the
painting process. Her paintings exude both confidence and uncertainty which helps add to
the energetic feel and vague clarity possessed in her work. Many note that her works can
be easily read but takes time and patience to intuitively grasp the feelings buried within
her elusive concrete forms. A tactile energy of ideas and forms remain and are worked
out on the surface through her artistic process involving scraping, rubbing and smearing of
the paint.

Annie Lapin’s “Perceived Marriage Tripartite Leave” depicts free formed figures gracefully
articulating ambiguity while stationed in an atmosphere engrossed in a tense separation
between chaos and resolution. The figures are generalized and primitive in design, as her
style is often likened to the styles of the Bay Area Figurative painting of the 1950’s and
Neo-Expressionism of the 1980’s. A sense of emotional urgency and chromatic intensity
is highlighted by her defining sweeping brushstrokes of purple, brown and aqua. The
scene appears raw and uneasy but is infused with a strong balance to ease the tension
between the fear and fearlessness felt by the viewer.

Perceived Marriage Tripartite Leave
acrylic and oil on canvas over panel
96 x 69 in.
Artist Inquire