JOHN MILLEI (b. 1958)

John Millei was born in 1958 in Los Angeles, where he continues to live and work today. A prominent figure of the abstractionism that flowered in Los Angeles in the 1980s, Millei has exhibited extensively throughout California and the greater United States. His work has also been featured in several exhibitions worldwide.
Millei has stated, "I don’t believe in style. It is a byproduct of intent. My work changes a lot." Though the artist frequently produces works in series, sometimes hundreds of paintings of uniform size, he engages a novel approach with each new project. Himself an avid surfer, Millei’s 2002 series, "For Surfing," incorporates visual interpretations of the ocean’s rhythms. Another 2002 series, "The Real Life of Flowers," is an exploration of a repeated floral motif. Millei’s exuberantly abstract paintings do not pursue figuration, but rather vacillate between geometric, organic, material and color-field practices. An artist who embraces whimsy, Millei’s works are a unique synthesis of earnest abstractionism and the artist’s palpable love of painting.

oil on mylar
24 x 28 in.
Artist Inquire