ROBERT INDIANA (1928-2018)

ROBERT INDIANA Renowned American artist Robert Indiana has been a central player in the Pop art movement and is a self-proclaimed “painter of signs.” Due to the mass proliferation across America of road signs, logos, and billboards, among other signs, he considers the signs he paints as depictions of American landscapes.

Indiana is best known for his LOVE paintings and sculptures, in which the “L” and a tilted “O” sit atop the letters “V” and “E.” The artist first produced this image in the 1960’s, and by 1973 his design was placed on an eight cent United States Postal Service stamp. Today, monumental sculptures are installed in public places around the world.

Indiana’s body of work spans genres - assemblage art, hard-edge abstraction, and pop art – to explore American identity, his personal identity, and the power of language.


Ten Works X Ten Painters
24 x 20 in.
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