Architectural Landscapes exhibition catalog


The exhibition of works by Benny Chan, Ola Kolehmainen, Tom Rossiter, and Danny Singer showcase the diversity of architectural photography, situating them in the landscape of nature and society. The exhibition demonstrates how these works harness the language of photography to explore architectonics in constructed and natural environments. Although often devoid of humans, the photographs reflect our interactions with architectural landscapes. Taken one step further, these prints hint at the role of architecture in society and in nature. In the images of Benny Chan, the viewer becomes immersed in the construction of buildings, stripping the glamour of LA’s urban scenery to establish the work behind the façade. The process becomes the product. In the work by Ola Kolehmainen, buildings appear to splinter, but in their abstraction the artist presents us with a more complete view of these edifices which create their own environments. Like Kolehmainen, Tom Rossiter’s photographs aim to give the viewers a more total view and understanding of a building by showing both the façade and a glimpse into its heart. It is as if an architectural analytique showing both a building’s exterior and interior has been brought to reality. For Danny Singer, the architecture of the rural West melts into the vast cathedral of the sky. The photographs examine the relationship between architectural settings and the natural landscapes of the West. Architectural Landscapes illustrates the diversity of architecture both within and as the landscape.