Jae Kon Park – Life and Root catalog


Marking the start of Heather James Fine Art as worldwide representatives of the estate of Jae Kon Park, this exhibition explores the breadth of the artist’s later works. A post-war abstract modernist, Park located inspiration not in his native South Korea but in his travels through South America. Taking vision from the title of some of his last paintings, the exhibition surveys how Park found spark in his adopted home and how he grounded his painting in congruent cultural symbols of Latin America and Asia. Park theorized that art began with lines and dots transformed into the sacred circle. Park comprehended this communal circular motif as the Mandala, reaching across cultures as disparate as the Incan to the Chinese. Like many fellow artists and writers, the circle became both symbol and vehicle in which to explore the world, seek understanding, and delve into consciousness. Heather James Fine Art is proud to represent the estate of this pioneering artist who blazed physical and metaphorical trails into the world.