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“The American West is just arriving at the threshold of its greatness and growth. Where the West of yesterday is glamorized in our fiction, the future of the American West now is both fabulous and factual.”
– Lyndon B. Johnson


“The study of art is a lifetime matter.” – Edgar Payne


Most collectors know the feeling of being irresistibly drawn to a genre. But Western art collectors are probably the most devoted to their collecting credo. Their collections strongly reflect their deeply personal nature, strong values, and dedication to the American spirit of individualism and self-reliance. This collection encompasses a range of styles, subjects, and periods, from Realism and Impressionism to abstraction, historical scenes to modern day. It reflects a strong appreciation for Western culture and features works by historically important artists including Gerard Curtis Delano, Irving Couse, Edgar Payne, Olaf Wieghorst, and Frank Tenney Johnson.

These works depict a bygone era by artists who sought to capture the Old West as a land of legends and where the rugged frontier was woven into the very fabric of the earth. Nostalgia driven, the paintings by Delano, Couse, Payne and Wieghorst pay homage to Native Americans who faced the harsh transformation from free spirited life to being cornered, their voices stifled, their traditions interrupted. Yet, in these paintings, the legacy of the original guardians of this land is unbroken, and they celebrate an enduring spirit unbroken and eternal.

The Southwestern landscape, once wild and unpredictable, has not been spared either. Works by Sheldon Parsons and well-known contemporary artists Clyde Aspevig, Duncan Martin, and Buck McCain showcase the vast, rugged landscapes of colorful Southwest vistas, their red rocks bearing witness to the ages that despite all the changes, remains testament to a remarkable chapter in history. Lastly, the paintings by Kim Douglas Wiggins evoke Thomas Hart Benton, a leading figure in the American Regionalist movement who dedicated his career to capturing the essence, struggles, and spirit of the American experience. Both artists revel in creating contorted and exaggerated figuration infused with a sense of dynamism that embodies the vigor and determination of everyday people.

  • E. Irving Couse, seated, Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, LC-DIG-ggbain-00669
  • Edgar Payne, Fifth Lake, c. 1928, oil on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.
  • Gerard Curtis Delano, Indian Village, c. 1945, watercolor on illustration board, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, WY


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