Promo Catalog 2019

Highlights from our extensive collection, including Impressionism, Old Masters, American, Latin American, Post War and Contemporary art. We are dedicated to bringing exceptional art to private clients and museums

George Condo – Figmental Figures

Figmental Figures is an exploration of the work of George Condo. What appears to be portraits are, in fact, invented imagery, some filled with Condo’s so-called ‘Pod people’. Derived from

The Female Gaze exhibition catalog

The Female Gaze: Women Surrealists in the Americas and Europe reframes the history of the movement by focusing exclusively on the pivotal role played by female artists

2018 – A Year in Review

2018 marked a tremendous period of growth with the opening of our fourth gallery, Heather James Fine Art San Francisco, breaking ground on our new space in Montecito,

Architectural Landscapes exhibition catalog

The exhibition of works by Benny Chan, Ola Kolehmainen, Tom Rossiter, and Danny Singer showcase the diversity of architectural photography, situating them in the landscape of nature and society.