Paul Jenkins 3D Virtual Gallery Tour

Heather James Palm Desert presents an exhibition exploring the works of Paul Jenkins, celebrating his unique vision within the Color Field movement.

Jean Arp Sculpture 3D Walkaround

Jean Arp is one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century for his ability to create abstract yet organic sculptures in a variety of media.

Jae Kon Park 3D Virtual Gallery Tour

The exhibition celebrates how Jae Kon Park found inspiration in his adopted home. Filled with bright colors, geometric shapes, and strong lines, Park’s artwork seeks to find a truth

The Californians 3D Virtual Gallery Tour

Heather James Fine Art presents in its gallery in Palm Desert, California an exhibition examining the diverse art and artists of California from the first fifty years of the

Jackson Hole 3D Virtual Gallery

Take a virtual tour of Heather James Jackson Hole. Situated in the wild beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming the gallery has brought the highest caliber of artworks and services