Rimembranze: dal bacio del Canova alla Salita al Calvario di Bosch….2009-1029 1/4 x 32 in.(74.3 x 81.28 cm) oil on canvas


The painting, inspired by Antonio Canova’s sculpture Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, and Christ Carrying the Cross by Hieronymous Bosch, depicts a laureate male and a female enmeshed in a boa of roses. Canova’s sculpture represents Cupid and Psyche during an emotionally charged moment, in which Cupid awakens Psyche from death. His tender embrace is mimicked in this painting, however Psyche, appearing more realistic than sculpture-like, looks on. Hieronymous Bosch’s grotesque painting of Christ while he carries the cross looms over Cupid’s head. The grotesque work of Bosch is at odds with the Neoclassical inspiration from Canova, perhaps to convey the dark emotions that simmer beneath the façade of love.